Good morning live from Mechanicville - The Sean + Richie Show is live from Bubble's right on the main road. If you're zooming down the Northway, it isn't far off the interstate, so come see us! 

Mechanicville is a great 'small city' and there is no 's' in the name, although there are people who love to throw it in there. The city has roots in manufacturing but is best known for it's railroad history. The city was home to a major rail yard for Boston & Maine Railroad and connected to the Delaware & Hudson. As railroads declined, so did the economy of Mechanicville including the demise of what was at one time the largest paper mill in the world. The rail yard was eventually closed as well. The city was hit hard by a tornado in 1998, when it was more or less a residential community. Since that time the rail yard has re-opened, and the city is once again on the rise.

Bubble's  (where we are broadcasting live) was founded in 1958 and has been a part of the community ever since. Plenty of locals in attendance this morning and we hope to see you too!