Forecasters and the Farmer's Almanac have been predicting a rough winter in the Northeast. But that prediction could be off.

Imagine that, a forecast that changes! Ha! But it looks like that is the case for the coming winter.

Maybe you saw my previous blogs about the impending doom forecasters have been predicting for Winter 2016-17. Well. now that tune is changing.

The National Weather Service said our mild winter last year was caused by an El Nino over the Pacific Ocean, and a La Nina this year would lead to a cold, snowy winter. Well, now they are saying La Nina may not develop, so at this point there is no clear indicator of what type of winter we will have.

El Nino usually means a mild winter, La Nina a cold winter. Without either, there is no clear way to predict what lies ahead. That said, it could still be very cold and snowy. But at least that is not a foregone conclusion at this point.

Hopefully this year we get an average winter, one that keeps the skiers and snow boarders happy, and one that keeps the warm weather folks from going too nuts!