If you have ever wanted to start playing a musical intstrument, today (5/22) is certainly a day to consider buying one as it is Buy A Musical Instrument Day. I am not sure how this got started but I am glad it did because the gift of music is a wonderful thing.

There are a number of places here in the Albany and surrounding areas to purchase a guitar, drum set, bass, violin, saxaphone or any other instrument. Here are just a few that come to mind.

Specializing in of course guitars, they also have drums, keyboards, folk and wind intsruments. It's also a great place for amps, recording devices, lighting and DJ equipment.

Another place that specializes in guitars. An Upstate New York staple of almost 20 years that recently opened a brand new bigger store. They provide music lessons from some of the best musicians in the area.

A Store that started originally as a 12 track recording studio in 1988. Theyhave a vast array of instruments. They also provide rehearsal rooms, lessons and a guitar repair shop.

The original Hermies has been around for 65 years providing the Capital Region with everything that has to do with music for the professional to the novice. Whether its guitar or band instuments for high school students this place has it all.

This store is a great place not only because it's in my hometown, but they also deal with musical instruments for students who are in the school band.

Now I will admit, I am not exactly musically inclined. I can't play an instrument to save my life. I do sing though, so I count my voice as an instrument of sorts. I do respect musicians to the fullest and love to hear a great guitar solo or someone sawing on a fiddle.