I have to tell you I am not as familiar with Mastroianni Bros. Bakery as I am sure the residents of Rotterdam and Schenectady are, but I know people who are saddened by the news today that they have closed for good.  According to an article on WNYT.com the owner and CEO, Warren Zeiser announced today that they are closing their doors after 90 years serving the Capital Region.

According to the article the business has been having trouble  since the of passing former CEO Armond Mastroianni in 2008 and even losing money in the past few years. Over 50 people will lose their jobs but there is some hope of getting the company back if current CEO Warren Zeiser can pull together an investment group.

I visited the bakery's Facebook page and read some of the comments that people have made and their obvious love of the bread the bakery has been making for years and thought about how sad it is to lose yet another well loved local store here in the Capital Region. I am not naive to the fact that this sort of thing has been going on for years but I do hate to see a situation where cost and convenience can sometimes outweigh quality.

I wish the best for the employees and hope they all find new jobs and/or careers as soon as they possibly can.