Ok, I will readily admit-I've always loved this woman .  What an amazing talent, and she always seemed to me to have a lot of "heart".  Here she is, folks with her version of the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS

Sorry, but I missed where she said she was when she recorded this, but it seems like her whole crew was there to join in.  She also nominated a few famous folks to get drenched next, including producer Don Was and the lead singer of Train, Pat Monahan.

I know, I know -" Let's see the video ", I hear you say.  Here we go.

Actually, I got dumped on as well, if you choose to check this out.  The kids in it are adorable (Bethany's family!)




This has been such an amazing idea, and it has raised a ton of money.  I just hope they will  put this disease behind us soon.   It has affected my family.  How about yours?