Today we had what I guess most people would consider an easy dilemma. When I read the letter my cohorts were pretty certain they had the answer, "Don't do it!"  Well I thought that was too easy, I said , it's like someone coming to you and saying, "I know I shouldn't smoke but I just cant seem to resist this urge."  You can't just say "Well just stop doing it." Should you? of course but nothing is ever that easy.

So , after reading the letter and Richie and Jeff saying, "She shouldn't do it.", I went ahead and played devil's advocate and said she should "have at it."  I really did think this would entice people to directly attack me but I think maybeyou all are just on to me when it comes to my verbal provocations. You are all so smart!

That is why we come to you with the "Daily Dilemma" every weekday morning from 6:30 to 7:00. If you have a dilemma you would like us to tackle e mail me directly at, And if you miss it always check back here at for the replay. If you'd like to listen to today's dilemma and the lady who is attracted to her boss just click the play button here.

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