Some country singers are masters at telling stories and invoking memories through their music. Mark Wills, one of the many stars we'll all see at Countryfest 2013 is one of those guys.When Mark Wills sang his hit song "Don't Laugh At Me" I remember sitting there and actually weeping. He made you take stock of your life and character and ask yourself if you ever said or did something hurtful to another human being. When he sang his hit song "Nineteen Somethin" I remembered everything he talked about and it came to life in my mind again. Stretch Armstrong, the first microwave we bought, the space shuttle tragedy and more. It truly was life in a song. I can't wait for him to sing his hits on the Countryfest 2013 stage with you on July 13th at The Schaghticoke Fairgrounds. Our $20 pre-sale parties are Thursday (2/28) at Islander Pools on Central Avenue from 6-8pm and Saturday (3/2) at The Back Nine Bar and Grill in Pittsfield from 5-7pm. Let's listen to his hit "Nineteeen Something" now.

Mark Wills - Nineteen Something ( A great song for the ages)