This is not the first blog on this subject, and probably won't be the last.  Actually, I got some of my information from the news department here at WGNA--in other words, Casey Danton! 

  This was an unbelievable course of events.  "Students Gone Wild" would best describe the situation.  I have to make this very short, because I need the time this morning to put together a little musical jingle that I'm going to submit to the downtown Chamber Of Commerce.  They need a little something to boost business there in light of this issue.  I will update this post when I get it done.

UPDATE!!    As promised, here's the song, with apologies to Petula Clark ("Petula WHO???", I hear you say!!)

  But I have to tell you, this has been one hell of a week already!  There just seems to be a general moral breakdown everywhere you look.  It actually is scary that we're getting to a point in society where noone knows the "line" anymore between what's acceptable and what is deemed to be "anything goes". 

  I know this might be something that your and my parents might say to us, but I blame the media.  And actually, I blame the NEW MEDIA, to be exact.  Kids see this stuff on YouTube, which has become the wild wild west in terms of what you are allowed to post and what you aren't, and copy what they see.   And how stupid are these kids for posting their own misdeeds on the internet.  Talk about hanging yourselves with your own rope!

  It just seems that any abnormal behavior is seen as a vehicle to get "hits" on the web, be local kids or even otherwise well adjusted wealthy parents like---ahhhh--Charlie Sheen!!!.

  Oh well--I've gotta get back into the studio so I can finish my song, and we'll have it on the air tomorrow morning on the Sean and Richie Show.  After that, I will post it here. 

  Enjoy your day, but  watch out for falling TV's!!!!    (OMG!!!!)