When someone mentions maple, I believe that most people immediately think of maple syrup.

Tapping Sap For Syrup (Photo by Fox Photos/Getty Images)

I think that almost everyone that likes pancakes, waffles and French toast, really like to put some (or a lot of) maple syrup over them. How about maple walnut ice cream?

If you’re a maple lover, then you’ll want to enjoy the upcoming New York State Maple Weekend. New York State is one of the largest producers of maple syrup.

According to the New York State Maple Weekend website, there are more than 150 maple producers across New York State, and many of them are within 50 miles of the Albany area. Some of those places are the Stone House Farm in Sharon Springs, Nightingale’s Maple Farm in Amsterdam, Sugar Oak Farms in Malta and many other places that are a short drive from the Albany area. There will be many demonstrations about the production of maple syrup, from the tree and beyond.

There’s also a website that features more than 50 ways to use maple syrup.

This family friendly event takes place this weekend, March 21 and March 22, and next weekend, March 28 and March 29.