Every once in a while there is a story that makes me go think we as a society are getting a little too eager to catch people doing wrong.  This is one of those situations!

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John Coulter went to Saturday's  Arizona Cardinals game with his 15 year old son.  Great bonding experience.  Before the game started, he wanted to get a picture. As we all usually do when holding a drink, usually a beer when in the stadium, we say to the person next to us, “hey can you hold my beer”.  So he handed his beer to his 15-year-old son .  No big deal, right?  He took it right back and they continued to watch the game.

Then comes a couple undercover stadium police, telling him he would be kicked out of the stadium for serving alcohol to a minor!    What?  I am sure you are as shocked as I am!

Now, the consequences of this charge could be up to two years in jail, $2,500 fine and three years probation.  These are the maximum penalties.

I don’t fault the NFL for implementing these policies, but is this taking things too far?  I think so!  Who hasn’t asked their 19 year old son to grab a beer from the fridge for them?  Should I go to jail too?

Now, remember, the NFL has not commented, so we only hear Coulters side of the story.  I hope he really wasn’t serving his son beer, but if this is the only thing that happened, then I think security is getting a little out of control!

What do you think?