It's not your typical mall parking lot story. No one was robbed. No one was injured or had a sudden medical emergency. No, this was just a his, "doing things."

I'm interested to know how anyone actually caught 53 year old, Carmen Cicarelli touching himself in his car outside the LL Bean Store within the Colonie Center parking lot. I mean, when I walk into the mall, I'm not typically eyeing down the parked cars.

I watch for other people walking around, I check for brake lights to make sure no one hits me, but otherwise it's a straight, quickly paced walk to my shopping extravaganza.

This was not the case for a 9-year old with her Mom who are apparently the pair who caught him in the act and alerted police. Authorities arrived on scene to find Cicarelli, naked in his Mazda doing the dirty to himself, which is when the arrest was made.

Cicarelli admitted to what he was doing and has been released on appearance ticket. He will be in court July 27th.