A man that needed to do some errands contacted an acquaintance to help him out and give him a ride. When the acquaintance arrived, the man noticed that there were also two other men in the car. One of the things the man needed to do was to stop at a bank and take some money out. Sadly, that was the only thing the man got to do as things took a turn for the worse.

According to a press release from The East Greenbush Police Department, the man told police that he was riding in the front seat, and then he was grabbed around the neck and choked by someone in the back seat, without warning. The victim was then allegedly dragged out of the car, pulled to the ground and then robbed. The three suspects were accused of stealing the victim’s cell phone, wallet and more than $1,000 dollars in cash.

Ronald B. Beukers, Jr., Sean R. Cooper and Benjamin T. Carney (East Greenbush Police Department)

An investigation led to the arrest of three Rensselaer County men. Charged with Robbery in the second degree and Grand Larceny in the fourth degree were 33-year-old Ronald B. Beukers, Jr. of East Greenbush, 32-year-old Sean R. Cooper from Rensselaer, and 26-year-old Benjamin T. Carney from Wynantskill. All three suspects were arraigned in East Greenbush Town Court. Carney was released on $5,000 dollars bail, while Beukers and Cooper were sent to the Rensselaer County Jail to await for further court proceedings. The case may be going to the Grand Jury.