Ok, iPhone owners.  I'm in a big bind here.  I could use a little help.  Are any of you out there having the same problem I am? 

So here's the deal.   Ever since I updated to the new operating system – iOS 8.1-  I've had this annoying situation arias.    I can't send an email out without this screen popping up multiple times a day.

photo by Richie Phillips

I sign in, but it doesn't seem to be satisfied with me doing it once.  It repeatedly asks me, and asks me ad nauseum .

Now I know that you will have absolutely no interest in this post if you are:

A. An Android user (cuz' you have problems of your own)

B. An older iPhone user who can't update to the new operating system ( you're lucky, actually!)

C. A non smart phone adopter.  (Perhaps the most intelligent of all as you don't waste hours of your life on conundrums like these)

But for the rest of you, can you tell me if you are experiencing this headache, and if so,  can you tell me how the hell you got out of it?.  Yes, I've logged off and logged back into iCloud.  Yes, I've changed my password.  Yes, I've unchecked "mail" in the preferences and then rechecked it.  Yes, I'm pulling my hair out and can't afford any more follicle loss as it is.

Please leave your suggestions below. I would be eternally grateful.  I would be eternally grateful. And yes, I would be eternally grateful ( don't you hate repeating messages? -welcome to my world! )

(Lisa, where are you when I need you?)