Sunday’s Super Bowl half time show with Madonna, showed her performing with as much energy as she has always done, but one of the other performers showed her middle finger during her part of the show.

M.I.A. allegedly flipped off the millions of people while she was on.

From a story from AP, the NFL and NBC are apologizing for the inappropriate action that she did. Of course, this brought up the thought about the Janet Jackson – Justin Timberlake “wardrobe malfunction” that happened eight years ago.

First of all, I had to look up who M.I.A. was. I had no clue, and actually didn’t care. Wikipedia states that she’s a Rapper, vocalist, singer-songwriter, record producer, visual artist, activist, photographer, fashion designer and a model.

Second, I didn’t see it happened. Come to think of it, I didn’t see the Janet Jackson “show” when that happened. It seems that these things happened fast. If you weren't really paying attention, you didn't see it.

Well now here’s a thought: before any performers hit the stage for the show, have them sign an agreement that states they will have to pay a substantial fine if they do something like what M.I.A. did, or any kind of action that would be considered “inappropriate.” Of course there would have to be some serious guidelines to determine what would be “inappropriate.”

The NFL or the tv network that is showing the game should not have to apologize for the actions of these celebrities.