Luke stopped his show at CMA Fest Sunday night in the middle of 'Drink A Beer' for a moment of silence for Orlando. And as difficult as it has been to sort through all my feelings on the tragedy, this gave me some comfort.

It's moments like these that show the power of music, and it's ability to heal and bring people together.

I think the thing that hit home the most for me as a fairly new dad - those were sons and daughters in that night club. Young people just out having a great time and enjoying life; lives cut short because of one person's hate.

My heart goes out to those grieving moms and dads today who lost their children. My biggest fear in life is outliving my kids, and a lot of parents are going through that pain today. I can't imagine how difficult a time this is, and I hope the outpouring of support and prayers from the communities around them provides some level of comfort.

I am sure we will see tributes like this pouring in over the next few days as everyone sorts through their feelings on the Orlando tragedy. But a moment like this, where a 60,000 people who don't even know each other come together for a common cause, it's proof that good things and good people are alive and well. And love will always win against hate.