Luke Bryan has already cranked out some major country dance hits like 'Country Girl Shake It For Me' 'I Don't Want This Night To End' and 'Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye.' Now, with the release of his new album Crash My Party, Bryan is heating up the dance floor again with the first cut 'That's My Kinda Night.'

'That's My Kinda Night' Line Dance
32 Count 4 Wall intermediate line dance
Choreographed by Paul Miller
Music- 'That's My Kinda Night' by Luke Bryan

R Wizard, L Wizard, Rock, Recover, 1/2 Shuffle Turn R

1-2&    Right Wizard Step forward
3-4&    Left Wizard Step forward
5-6       Right rock forward, recover on left
7&8     Right shuffle with a 1/2 turn right (6:00 Wall)

L Rock, Recover, L Coaster, R Rock, Recover 1/4 Shuffle Turn R

1-2       Left Rock forward, Recover on Right
3&4      Left Coaster Step
5-6       Right Rock forward, Recover on Left (begin turning slight right)
7&8     Right Shuffle to the Right with a 1/4 turn Right (9:00 Wall)

L Cross Over, Step R, Syncopated Weave, Rock, Recover, Syncopated Weave

1-2       Step Left over right, Step Right out
3&4     Left behind, Right out, Left in front
5-6       Right rock out, Recover on Left
7&8     Right behind, Left out, Step Right next to Left

Step L, 1/2 Turn R, L Shuffle, Step R, Step L, Hip Sway

1-2       Step forward on Left, turn 1/2 turn right (3:00 Wall)
3&4     Shuffle left over right
5-6       Step Right out, Step Left out
7-8       Sway hips Right, Sway hips Left