Luke admits that he and his wife have a lot of learning to do now that they have a teenager in the house, and that they go to bed tired every night.  But, it's a small price to pay for Luke to be able to be there for his nephew.

As you may know, Luke's sister Kelly passed away in 2007.  Then, last year, Luke's brother-in-law, Ben Lee Cheshire unexpectedly passed away, too.  Leaving the couple's three children orphaned.

The singer said that his nephew, 13-year-old Til, has now come to live in Nashville with him, his wife, Caroline, and their two sons, Bo and Tate.

Til has two older sisters that come in regularly to visit too, and Bryan said he's thankful he has the means to fly them back and forth.

Luke's 2015 leg of his That's My Kind of Night tour launching next week. Plus, he'll release his new album, "Spring Break…Checkin' Out" on March 10.

Sara Kauss, Getty Images