Luke Bryan's record label hired a couple of professionals to prank him on one of his tour stops, and the guys did such a good job that Luke got mad and stormed off.  And, he didn't even come around after he found out it was a prank, he wouldn't sign the release forms.  So, we'll never see what happened, even if it was hilarious!

The pranksters are Roman Atwood and Dennis Roady and they spilled the beans in a podcast while promoting their upcoming movie "Natural Born Pranksters".

According to the pair, they were flown to Panama City for one of Luke's Spring Break shows, and were given a one-on-one interview at a meet and greet.  Luke thought they had won the interview in a contest.

They said in the podcast,

 "He was wasted.  He was plowed.  So [we] just start naming off everybody else's music.  It was like 'Dude, your song 'Thunder Rolls' blew my mind.  I still listen to it to this day.'"

The last straw broke when they asked Luke if he ever hooked up with DOLLY PARTON.

"He was so confused, and then maybe the alcohol made him angry."

TMZ has the podcast interview, you can hear it here.

I guess I thought Luke was a pretty good sport.  It seems weird to me that he wouldn't just sign the release and put the whole prank on Luke TV!  I wonder if he said or did something so bad that he didn't dare sign the release.  What do you think?

Regardless of what happened, Luke is coming to SPAC this summer and I'm really excited!  You can win tickets to the show every morning this week on The Sean and Bethany Show!  Good Luck!

Isaac Brekken, Getty Images