Last night, Luke Bryan was excited to celebrate his anniversary, until he was told to take his hat off!

Luke Bryan tweeted the following messages on twitter during his bad Sushi experience, fueled by the fact that he was asked to remove his baseball hat.

-It's my anniversary. Daddys getting lucky.

-Hey y'all. It's been a great night. But. How ever. Virago the sub par sushi joint made me take my hat off mid meal.

-After 2 bottles of dom. So will never eat mediocre sushi again on my anniversary

-So pissed

-Join me in my boycott of virago. Sushi restaurant against those who sing and perform country music

-Yes I left a 150 dollar tip. Had the manager not scolded me like a child I would have left double that. If the server would like to claim the rest of the tip.

By the way, here was Luke Bryan's Tweet this morning, after the 'hat' incident.

-Hey y'all good morning. I feel great. About to eat a lovely all american breakfast. Wine, beer, champagne, and more beer. Yee haw

Do you think Luke Bryan should have been able to keep his baseball hat on during dinner?