There’s one piece of technology that has been around for quite some time now, and I find it to be really fun and handy.

It’s the price check scanner. You put the bar code up to it and it displays the price. Walmart in Albany has it, and so does Target in Colonie. They probably all have the scanner.

The price isn’t on something that you want, so you bring it to the scanner and get the price. This is good for double checking the sale price of something, too. Once in awhile for fun, I’ll bring stuff to the scanner, so I can watch it show the price. I like to do that when I’m in a store and bored. It helps pass the time. Does anyone else do this?

I know they have apps on phones that you can use that will even compare prices from other stores. My cell phone only has an app to converse. That’s right - I can only talk with someone on it. I don’t have texting capabilities. I had that disabled. I have what I call a “dumb phone,” but I’m perfectly happy with that.