Thursday is Thanksgiving and most of us will be joining our friends or family to give thanks for all that is good in our lives and woofing down on some great dinner to celebrate.

There were a few years that I went out to dinner with my family to some great Thanksgiving buffets where they had such a huge selection of different kinds of foods, I actually ate food other than turkey. I wasn’t in the mood for it, even though I do like turkey.

I will admit, there’s nothing like the good old turkey dinner, especially on Thanksgiving. Hopefully at our house, I hope we don't have another emergency that involved a corkscrew.  Here's my list of my five favorite Thanksgiving foods.


5) Mashed Potatoes

Sometimes very good with some lumps in the mashed potatoes.



4) Cranberry sauce


I actually like the canned cranberry sauce, but there's nothing like homemade.



3) Mashed Sweet Potatoes (Yams) - candied of course

I had mashed sweet potatoes a few years ago and loved them. A little different than plain old candies yams.


2) Turkey

Hopefully there will be some turkey leftover for turkey sandwiches.



1) Pumpkin pie

The canned pumpkin is good but home made pumpkin pie is usually unbelievable.

What are some of your favorite Thanksgiving foods, and do you have your dinner in te early or late afternoon?