We all have very busy lives, but once in awhile we get to kick back and relax, even if it’s for a short amount of time. When you have kids, this can become quite a challenge. Here’s something that might be helpful and get your family together, especially if it’s one of those days where the weather is just plain terrible. If you can do it, get everyone to turn off their electronic games. Whether it’s something on a computer, a phone app or an a Xbox, turn them off.

I’ll bet you have one or two of the good old fashioned board games somewhere in your house. Both of my kids are grown up, but we actually used to play many board games. Some of these games are reminiscent of my childhood. I used to love to go to Kings or Grand Way department stores (both on Central Avenue in Albany), and head to the toy and game departments. So I thought I’d give you my list of my all time board game favorites, that I still have on a shelf in my basement.

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    With Scrabble, I always hated when I got the letters ‘X’ or ‘Z’, Although if you could make words from those letters you got more points towards your final score.

    Lou Roberts
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    I used to play checkers with both of my kids, Valerie and Jayson. A game for two people. This is probably the most simple games ever, but still one of my favorites.

    Lou Roberts
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    When it comes to Yahtzee, keep the calculator handy to add up your score at the end. Hopefully you’ll play this game when no one’s sleeping. Rolling the dice can be a little noisy.

    Lou Roberts
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    There were Monopoly games that we’d play and we had to call it quits before the game was over. Those games seem to go on for a long time. It’s still one of my favorites. There are several different versions of the game, including Motownopoly. Great for some music lovers.

    Lou Roberts
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    Battleship and those famous words - "You sank my Battleship." Always enjoyable when you're saying them. Another game for two people but, if you have more than two people, you know what to do - Whoever is not playing can play the winner when you’re done with the current game.

    Lou Roberts