I can’t believe that the unofficial end of summer, better known as Labor Day, is less than two weeks away. Hopefully you got to do everything you wanted to. At this time of the season, I always feel like I should have done more than I did. Awhile back, I did an article about stuff you could with all of us from WGNA, and one on local day trips. Hopefully you got to do some of the summer stuff.

I always hear about a bucket list, which usually means things that you want to do before you die. Now that we’re down to the wire, I’m going to make a bucket list of five things that I still would like to do, and hopefully will, before the summer dies. It’s possible I already did some of them, but would like to do them at least one more time. Let’s see if you had the chance to do any of them.

5) Take a hike

I had a list of Albany area places to go, but I’d like to venture out a little further.

4) Boat Cruise

I loved our cruises on the Dutch Apple and Mini-Ha-Ha.

3) Backyard barbecue

I only did this once, so I’m due for more. Maybe it's time for a new grill, too.

2) Swim

It won’t be long before the pools are closed. I just hope the water is still warm enough to swim.

1) Take a ride

Just head out in the car and head to some of the back roads or crusie through the city.

Is there anything that you didn’t get to do on your summertime bucket list?