I travel almost everyday on Washington Avenue Extension to go to WGNA. As I'm traveling westbound, I come up to the entrance to Crossgates Commons. This particular entrance and exit was redesigned a few years ago. A lane was added to turn into the Commons, and to exit it. Not a big deal, except a lane was added to include a way to go straight on Washington Avenue Extension so that people can either turn into the Commons, or go straight on Washington Avenue Extension.

The problem is when people choose to stay on the straight way, they tend to pass on the right to beat traffic. I’ve had some people race me and others as they pass on the right, which almost caused several accidents.


They should’ve made this area just for turning into Crossgates Commons or to exit on the opposite side of the entrance. Some sort of median could have been put there to direct everyone and avoid a short extra lane. Another possibility would've been to just make it an extra lane.

I know we’re all in hurry, but it won’t do anyone any good if they get into an accident. Have you ever had this happen to you in that area?