I heard someone mentioning a big blizzard closing down almost every business and major highway in the Albany area. I thought – blizzard? It’s 60 degrees outside. Then it hit me.

I had to look it up to check, but it’s the anniversary of the blizzard of 1993 on March 13 and March 14. It ended up being one of the biggest snow storms to hit the Albany area since the blizzard of 1888, which strangely enough happened on this date, too.

The snow and severe weather actually started in other parts of the United States on March 12. Places like Florida were getting hurricane force winds. I was working at WGNA on Saturday afternoon. The radio station was housed in a mansion in East Greenbush. I heard about how this terrible storm was going to hit the area, so I brought some food, some blankets and a pillow. I had a feeling that I wasn’t going back to my home in Colonie after I was done with my air shift. I was right. By six o’clock that evening, we couldn’t see the roads. In fact, many roadways, including I90, 787 and the Northway were closed. The heavy winds made the visibility almost impossible for driving. We were bombarded with the most cancellations I had ever seen.

There was a couple of my co-workers at the station. They were on the air after me. It was Wild Willie West and Traffic Tammy. We were all taking turns reading those cancellations. I slept in the engineering office. Sunday, I was on the air reading more cancellations and news and weather updates. Finally by about 1:00 p.m., the roads were clear enough so we could go home. Albany ended up with about 27 inches of snow. That was quite the storm. According to Wikipedia, it was the "storm of the century."

If you were around the Albany area, what were doing during the storm?