This happens on any road, at any time. It happens on the Northway as well as Central Avenue.

As you’re driving, things are moving along nicely, then all of a sudden, it’s almost a dead stop. There’s a back up. You sit there for about five minutes, wondering what the heck is going on. When you finally get moving, you see a police car on the side. Not because there’s an accident, but because the officer is talking to someone that’s pulled over. Maybe they’re giving someone a ticket.

Traffic isn’t stopped because there’s an accident, fire or some emergency; people are slowing down to see what the cop is doing. It’s called a curiosity factor. I am not curious about why someone is pulled over. You probably won’t know anyway. Usually when I’m driving, I have a destination to go to, and somewhere to be at a certain time, as I believe most of us do. I know the fairly new law requires moving over to the next lane and slowing down when there’s an emergency vehicle ahead, but this doesn’t mean slow down, almost to a complete stop and look at someone getting a ticket.

This has been going on long before the law went into effect. If you want to see this, watch the TV show “Cops.” Does this bother anyone else? I just want to get where I’m going.