It seems that every place I drive lately, there is road work.  In Niskayuna I was riding my bike through a small neighborhood, and even THAT road was ripped up.  You have to constantly dodge those darn cones.  Hmmm--brings back an old parody, and I mean REAL old.

If you'd like to know exactly where they are doing road work, the has a calendar that you can download that gives you a heads up.


And now onto the song parody.  For some reason, this might be the song that's gotten the most response of anything I've ever written.  I guess everyone has a "Greatest Hit", or a greatest thing they've done, so I guess this is it.  I dedicate this to a dedicated 'GNA listener, and a great help photographing events for us, Shelly Miller.  Enjoy!

So you know of road work in the Capital Region that you'd like me to mention?  Please leave it in the comments below.  (Oh no - more darn CONES)