Lonestar is back! They were my favorite country group of all time, and I'm sure a lot of you felt the same. All those hits over the years, and now we can hear them again with original lead singer Richie McDonald back in the band."Amazed","My Front Porch Looking In", "No News", "Mr. Mom","Not A Day Goes By","Tell Her","Everything's Changed" and more! How many of you had Lonestar's "Amazed" as your wedding song?

Lonestar also has an awesome new song to get their fans pumped titled "The Countdown" and we're playing it on Today's Country 1077 'GNA! You can give it a listen below, and you will love it. On top of the new music, Lonestar is also making their way around America playing up close and personal acoustic shows so their long time fans can feel the magic up close, and they are making new fans as well on this reunion tour as well. You never know, one might be coming here with 'GNA.. stay tuned.