Spring is here in the Capital Region.  Can you think of a nicer place to be than upstate NY during this time of year?  There's always a ton of things to do around these parts.  But I'm going to add one more to your already overloaded plate-the local Locks comprising of the historic Erie Canal System The one I actually visited was Lock 7 in Niskayuna.  This place is literally in my back yard, and although I've been there sporadically over the years, I've never realized all the things there are to do there.  But I found a family who visits

alot, and they happened to be walking by as I was surveying the place.  So I did what radio people do best-I interrupted their peace and quiet by sticking my Iphone in your face to record their comments.  (Unfortunately, because of a howling wind coming off of the Mohawk River, the sound quality is awful, and I apologize for that.  But since I promised that they would be part of this blog, I'm including at least the portion of the interview that you could make out!)

Special thanks to Ever, Derrick, Doreen and Gary for their help.  Poor Gary's great description of things to do was "gone with the wind", so I will try to remember what

he said.  He mentioned that there was great fishing there if you know where to drop your line, there's a beautiful bike path, places to have a picnic lunch, throw a ball or frisbee around, and/or drop your boat into the water.   And, of course, the most fun you can have is to watch an actual boat come thru the locks, but that is a hit or miss event.  For a complete description of what to do there, including more shots, you can visit AllOverAlbany.com. They include directions on how to get there, and some more really great pictures  I'm actually a bit jealous, but I will include a few more of my shots just to get you into the mood.

OK, you've seen enough.  Now get off the darn computer and get out there and enjoy!