Something that just didn’t seem right about an attorney, led to an investigation by the New York State Police from a complainant about an issue in Family Court.


58-year-old Carl Holsberger was allegedly posing as a practicing attorney, even though he was allegedly disbarred.

In the story from News 10 ABC, the recent allegations and investigation led to the discovery that in 1996, Holsberger was no longer allowed to practice law in New York State. He allegedly fabricated a court order and misled clients, which was also a ruling from the State Supreme Court Appellate Division. The records also showed that in 2004, Holsberger was arrested again, for a similar situation.

This time, he was allegedly acting as a practicing attorney and representing himself. This time, Holsberger’s charges include Perjury In The Third Degree, Forgery In The Second Degree and others.

Authorities are also concerned that there may be more people that may have been victims and misled by Holsberger. They’re being asked to let the police know if they believe that they were and call 518-630-1712.