I bought this pasta sauce on a whim.  I knew it was locally produced, but I wanted to give it the old college try, and I have to say, it's worth writing about

What makes a good pasta sauce?  I really haven't had time to do any scientific research.   I'm only letting my taste buds do the talking here. Kudos have to go out to Dominick's ALL NATURAL Gormet Pasta Sauce- (and no, I have no financial interest)

I usually like to read the labels to check the sugar content, and this looks very good. I noticed that when I partook in a sample of it.  I also noticed something else in addition to the nice flavor - I can't stand sauce that is loaded with salt.  Have you seen the salt content in a regular cup of soup?  Some of it has 900mg.   This has less than half.  Nice job, Dominick.

It's also cool to support someone who's producing products locally.  The heck with Italy - we have Albany!

If you are interested in trying it, check out www.pizzabydominick.co.  That's where I found it - right in their restaurant in Slingerlands.

Do you have any locally produced products that you like ?  Add your ideas to the comment section below.  (Anybody make home grown spaghetti that goes with the sauce?)