I think that we’ve all misplaced something very valuable, and know how that feels.

Lou Roberts

That happened to a woman from South Glens Falls to the tune of almost $900 dollars. But thanks to some postal workers in the Colonie branch of the U.S. Post Office, she got a very nice surprise.

In the story on WNYT, Susan Archambault went to get her daughters tax refund at a credit union. The plan was to put the money in an envelope and give it to her daughter later that day. Susan is a secretary for St. Joseph’s Church in Fort Edward. She was at her job when something happened that distracted her.  Susan put a bunch of envelopes in a pile that included the envelope with the cash. She rubber banded the pile of envelopes and took them with her when she left, so she could put them in the mail on her way home.

Her daughter called her to make arrangements to pick up her money. That’s when Susan got a not so good feeling. She went back to the church office. After a bit of searching and following her earlier steps, that’s when she realized that the money envelope was sent with the mail.

After she took a trip to the Glens Falls post office to hopefully find the money envelope, she had no luck. They already sent out the mail.

Susan thought that it was a lost cause, until she received one special phone call. It was a someone from the Colonie post office. All of her money had been found. The envelope and money were creating some issues for one of their machines. Susan now has a newly found appreciation for the postal workers.