I want to thank one of our listeners, Daniel Currier for posting this on our WGNA Facebook Page, otherwise I surely never would have noticed it.  In The Zac Brown Band's Video for their hit song, "Homegrown" they featured  short videos ( I assume were submitted by fans) of their fan's hometowns. One of our own made the cut!

In the very beginning of the video just as the vocals start you can find local woman, Pattie Bills Mahoney standing in front of  Hayner's ice Cream Hall of Fame which is in Halfmoon New York.

Just so you don't miss it because it goes by pretty fast I found a picture of Hayner's Ice Cream Hall Of Fame from their Facebook Page.

Hayner's Ice Cream Hall Of Fame , Facebook Page

You will notice it the video because of the triangle shaped sign under the roof of the building. With Pattie, who is a huge fan of The Zac Brown Band standing in front of the building waving. I gotta tell you I think it is VERY cool. I'd love to be immortalized in a video of my favorite band especially with such an amazing song as this is.