Maybe it’s because I don’t have a criminal mind.

Walmart Sign-Brunswick NY/Google Street View

But with so many security cameras around most stores, and many store employees watching, I don’t understand why people still try to steal merchandise.

It happened again at the Brunswick Walmart. Two sisters from Troy have been arrested for allegedly stealing more than $100 dollars in merchandise. Some of the store employees were watching them at the self checkout counter and said that they didn’t scan some merchandise. The employees contacted the New York State Police. Troopers arrested 32-year-old Connie Harry and her sister, 31-year-old Ramona Harry. They were both charged with petit larceny.

Ramona ended up with more legal trouble than shoplifting. She was accused of giving a Trooper a fake name during the arrest. During the incident, authorities confirmed her real identity. According to the story from News 10 ABC, they also discovered that she allegedly had a warrant from the city of Troy. She was turned over to the Troy Police Department after she was processed.