About a week ago, we took a call from a woman during the morning show and we had her sing along to a country song —she sounded good!

Later that day she posted an amazing video on my Facebook wall of her singing a touching song that she wrote. I watched the video and immediately fell in love.

Her name is Sonja Ambrosino and she's an awesome singer and songwriter. And, she's from right here in the Capital Region!

The song is called "Countdown" and she wrote it while her husband was deployed. It's beautiful. But, to make it even better, she made a video of military homecomings and send-offs to go along with it. The result is so amazing!

Check it out:

It's a great reminder, especially during the holiday season, to reach out to those military families in your community. They are going through so much, and knowing that they're not alone can mean so much.

Thanks, Sonja! Keep up the good work!

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