The East Greenbush Police Department started to get some call, about some teenagers drinking beer.

Dyllan J. Amodeo - East Greenbush Police Department

The minors were allegedly drinking in the Lakeshore Drive area. When officers from The East Greenbush Police Department got to the scene, they started investigating.

According to a press release from The East Greenbush Police Department, the responding officers found the suspect that was accused of supplying beer to the teenagers. They found 23-year-old Dyllan J. Amodeo from Castelton. He was found in a wooded sand pit area where there was a camp fire. That is where he allegedly gave beer to the minors. The sand pit is located near Lakeshore Drive.

Amodeo was arrested and charged with Unlawfully Dealing With A Child, and also charged with Possession Of Marijuana.