We've seen quite a few fires around the Albany Area this winter season.  Sadly, another one hit close to home when WGNA listener Becca Hall reached out to us and asked for help.

Becca writes "I am one of the tenants that was in the house that caught fire January 5th with my fiance and my 3 year old son ( it was a 2 family house). My mom set up the fundraiser to help us as we are currently in a 1 room motel room with our dog. We have to eat out a lot since we don't have a stove and only a tiny fridge. We are looking for donations towards food or gas. We just found out that our couches and beds will be tossed out because of the smoke and water damage. We really need food and gas cards or they could donate through the fundraiser. So many people have donated clothes for my son and some toys. I would say thank you to everyone who has helped, but thank you doesn't seem like enough. It's nice to know there are still people out there that really do care. My son keeps saying he wants to go home and it just breaks my heart."

We asked Becca some questions about her on-line fundraiser.

Q: What can people to do help?

A: Looking for donations for food & gas

Q: What is the family most in need of?

A: In need of men's clothes pants 38 - 32, shirts 3x, and toys for a 3 year old boy

Q: What would you like to say on behalf of the family to everyone that helps?

A: Thank you from the bottom of our hearts