We've made our way to the end of another week, so time once again to break out another great country song and video from the past with this week's edition of Flashback Friday. This week we go back over 20 years for the first big hit from Little Texas "Some Guys Have All The Love".

"Some Guys", was the debut single from Little Texas' first album "First Time For Everything". The song released in September of 1991 peaked at #8 on the Billboard country charts in early 1992. The Group would go on to have a number of top 10 hits including the #1 Smash "My Love" before disbanding in 1997.

Brady Seals would go on to have a solo career and form a band called Hot Apple Pie Tim Rushlow would also have a solo career as well as form the band Rushlow and the duo Rushlow Harris.  In 2004, Little Texas would reunite but without Seals or Rushlow. They would release a live album and a studio album called Missing Years. They continue to tour across the country with Guitarist Porter Howell taking over the lead vocals.