First, a big shout out to Jimmy Buffett for the parody idea.  You never know when "Margaritaville" is going to come in handy, but it seemed to be a good starting off point to write a song for Richmondville in Schoharie County

First off, thanks to Lenore Sossei and others for their information.  I had a blast creating this

Photo by Lenore Sossei


       Lyrics to "Richmondville"

© Lyrics 2012 Richie Phillips   All Rights Reserved

Parody of "Margarittaville", by Jimmy Buffett

The County's Schoharie.

the mayor's named Neary

The other statistics might make you smile

the whole population

fits in our radio station

The whole darn place is less than 2 square miles

There used to be tons of mills out there in Richmondville

Now there's only one street light and bank that’s NO JOKE

(gas )station in town is where gossip goes down

And the bar it's the Broken Spoke

if at the bar you get silly

You'll have to deal with big Willie

You can join the debate with Kevin and John

Then there's Gary Rightmeyer

He'll put out your fire

Those firemen work day and nite

to find a site

Where they can put the new monument on

This is everything I can tell ya bout Richmondville

Thanks to MyKayla who sent facts to me

I hate to make cracks but this is one big flashback to a place

Mayberry RFD

Lennore Rossi

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