This might fit into the "no brainer" department.  If you name your boat the Titanic, shouldn't you be careful what you wish for? According to the Dorset Echo,  it was the little vessel that couldn't.  According to the website:

A BOAT called Titanic II lived up to its name when it sank at West Bay. Mark Wilkinson had to abandon ship when the vessel went down as it returned into the harbour yesterday.Coastguards and harbourmaster James Radcliffe were called into action to help moor the Titanic II as Mr Wilkinson climbed out of the water.

Well, DUHHHHH!  Why would you in God's name even MENTION the Titanic on a vessel that you are in?

And this brings to mind an experience of my own that made me just a TAD uncomfortable.  We took a cruise on the Queen Mary 2 last year.  Gorgeous ship.  Once in a lifetime opportunity, to be sure.  Very very relaxing.  Here's a shot of the outside of the boat:

Absolutely AWESOME, huh?  What a way to relax.  That is until you get to the 7th floor.  They have a huge mural.  And here's what it says:   I didn't know whether to laugh or get the life jacket!   But seriously, it was the most beautiful boat I've ever seen.  If you want more information about the boat, I'll even throw in a link here to the Queen Mary website at no extra charge