After I got a call from a guy who was sitting next to a fireplace,  I opened up a comment on my Facebook account, while on Cryin', Lovin' or Leavin', about it being cold and I asked what people are doing to keep warm, tonight.

I thought I'd share some of those replies with you. Andy in Colonie said: "Got a kerosene heater & snugglin' with my wife under the blanket". Kimberly Ann was "Under the covers". Shelley was "Snuggling with my pug! :) She lets off a lot of heat!" And Robin was "Staying warm with my kitcats".

It seems like blankets and pets were the majority of warmth. Just proving that we are resourceful here in the great northeast. Smile. It will be warm soon.

How do you keep warm? Post your comments below!