If you are a "Biggest Loser" fan like me, you know that this season we have someone from right here in the Capital District on the show. Her name is Tumi Oguntala and she resides right here in Clifton Park. We had her on the show the day the show debuted a couple of weeks ago and she is just the sweetest , nicest woman you could meet.

I did a little article about her that day on WGNA.COM, you may want to check that out to get some backround information on her, and why she is at the ranch trying to lose weight on this season of "Second Chances."

Also don't forget to watch the show every week on NBC to cheer on our local girl, she really is worth it and deserves all of our support.

If you missed her on the show today here is YOUR "second chance" to hear her and I hope that you will find her as charming as I do. All you have to do is click the play button to get a fun inside look at reality TV and the life changing journey that is "The Biggest Loser."