This Thanksgiving many families will be watching football. It is a tradition as good as the turkey. The games are a little screwed up these days though. There is something to be said for tradition. When I was a kid growing up the Chicago Bears and Detroit Lions always played each other on Thanksgiving Day. This was the case for decades. The Dallas Cowboys also always play on Thanksgiving Day, the historic rival for them used to be the Washington Redskins but now that has changed too.

Comparatively, the Bears and Lions game is the most important for turkey day. If anyone from the NFL is reading this please fix it and restore a tradition that America likes and wants back. Walter Payton would not be happy , God rest his soul if he knew that you screwed up the Bears and the Lions on Thanksgiving Day.This year they got one out three games right.

The Lions won't be playing the Bears (just wrong!!) but hey will be playing the Houston Texans at 12:30pm on CBS. The Cowboys will be playing the Redskins (YEAH!!) at 4:15pm on FOX, and in a late game the Patriots will battle the horrible NY Jets at 8:20pm on NBC. If the turkey doesn't put you to sleep the Patriots and Jets will do it for sure!