Men are human lightning rods. Not because of some sort of electric personality or a macho thing, but because of something that a some women think about us.

There have been many studies because someone found out that 82 percent of the people that died from a lightning strike were men. This apparently got some scientists to actually do a study on this. According to an article in Popular Science, we're dumb. It states that "as much as we were hoping to uncover a biological cause - extra iron in the male cranium, perhaps, or the conductive properties of testosterone - it turns out men are... just kind of stupid". “Men take more risks in lightning storms,” according to a lightning safety expert with the National Weather Service. One example is that some guys just want to keep playing golf, even if there's a lightning storm. Not to mention that the club you're holding is metal.

Guys, we're not all dumb, so ladies, please don't make that an overall judgement of the male gender. There are a few of us that know enough to get out of the rain, or at least head inside during a lightning storm.

From a safe place, I do enjoy watching a good lightning storm. There are many people very afraid of them. Are you someone who likes to watch them, too?