In honor of the Sean and Richie Golf Tournament here is a quick list of my "Top Five Golf Movies" of all time.

From 5 to 1 here we go.

#5 "Bobby Jones: Stroke of Genius" a heart warming story starring Jim Caviezel.



#4 "The Legend Of Bagger Vance" Will Smith, Matt Damon and directed by Redford! Enough said!



#3 "Tin Cup" I have to admit I had my issues with Kevin Costner. Ever since "Water World" and "Message In A Bottle" I didn't really want to watch his movies anymore. However the "Hatfield and McCoys" miniseries has redeemed him.



#2 "Happy Gilmore" Remember a simpler time when Adam Sandler was just plain funny? Me too. This is a prime example of that time.



#1 "Caddyshack" If this selection is a shock to you, we have never met! Perfect mixture of comic genius, golf knowledge and conflict.