This is a list of people or things that I wish would JUST GO AWAY!!!

Thanks to mental picture from Richie’s parody today. Which you can listen to in his blog called "Silly Song About A Thong".  OLD MEN IN GYM LOCKER ROOM!!! Instead of go away how about put it away!

Bill O’Rielly Do I need to explain? This is the guy calling people Nazi’s and interrupting the President then crying on his show because John Stewart picked on him.

The people suing the NFL and the Cowboys for over $ 5 million. I get it! You were disappointed that you missed the Super Bowl but they are giving you 3 x face values of your ticket which is $2400 and tickets, airfare and hotel to a future Super Bowl of your choice. Stop being greedy and GO AWAY!!!

Justin Bieber!!! What do we have to do to cure Bieber fever? I mean really the clock struck 15 minutes WEEKS ago. Now the little goof shows his underwear on Ellen and has the nerve to show up in a Super Bowl commercial?!

APPLE PRODUCTS! Just because a guy in a black turtle neck says you’re the coolest doesn’t mean you are. Where’s the new product from Apple that I’ve been waiting for? The “I shut up!”

Egypt! Please zip it and go back to being that place that has pyramids, sand and curry.

AND Top of the list is WINTER!!! Listen I enjoyed you while singing “Dashing through the Snow” and “Little Drummer Boy” but Christmas is over and you should be too!!!

Give it a listen.