I have loved my Oakland Raiders for as long as I can remember (except for when I loved my LA Raiders). Sad thing about you you're favorite team playing the majority of their games a country away is it's tough to see them live. I had never been to a NFL game before. So this year when my friends who are rabid Bills fans invited me to the Raiders/Bills game I jumped all over the offer.

Our first stop was the Seneca Falls Casino. I love to wager! Let me ask you a question

, What has two

thumbs and won more then enough money to pay for his whole trip?

THIS GUY!!! ------->

After tossing and turning all night like a kid waiting for Christmas I finally got a little shut eye. So at this point I'm feeling pretty good and all set to put on my Raiders Jersey and watch some football.

On the way to meet our ride I see maybe the greatest thing ever. A Starbucks/ Citizens Bank. Because you never know when you'll need financing for a Venti, White Chocolate, quad shot Iced Coffee.

Next I jumped on a bus full of Bills fans and headed for Ralph Wilson Stadium.

Though I may not have seen eye to eye with my Marketing Director Selena Dutcher after kickoff we were best buds while tailgating.












After enjoying a "White Hot with Meat sauce" Thanks to Erin from the Times Union Center for teaching me how to speak food in Buffalo, I was ready for some football.

Even though my Raiders didn't win I had a great time and can't wait for my next game!

Honorable mention to Scott Blaine and his buddies for letting me hitch a ride home. DON'T ASK WHY I COULDN'T COME BACK WITH THE BILLS FANS!!!