Every year after the Sean and Richie Golf Tournament I pledge to get out and golf more. This time I mean it! If you have never golfed I will not lie to you it is not a easy game. That being said it is a great escape from the world and the first time you hit a ball just right you will be hooked! I golfed maybe 3 times before I joined the show but now I love it. Here are the three things that are key to beginning a love of the game:

#1 Good people to golf with

If you go out with people that are way better then you and take it too serious you will never have fun. Find people around your skill level or at least are patient enough to teach you a little while you're out there.

#2 Don't go to a course that is way above your skill level

If you're just starting out courses like Stadium in Schenectady or Hiawatha in Guilderland are challenging but fun. Stay away from nationally ranked courses til you're ready.

# 3 Take it for what it is

Sean is way better then I am so he is out there trying to Pars and birdies. I am trying to get a good shot or two and not lose too many balls.

Hope to see you out there this summer.

Also, if you're looking for another tournament that rocks, check out the Dysfunctional Golf Tournament.