A few years back I took a very similar fitness challenge and had amazing results. Well here we are about three years later and I sadly have to admit I put the weight back on. I am still healthier then I was before but I need something to challenge and refocus myself. I found it and invite you to come with me, The Vent Fitness Challenge.

Here's how it works, for only $59 you get a free fitness assessment (both before and after)
Group Training classes and a weekly Team Challenge
Program guide (which is great for diet ideas and charting progress)
Before and After photos
Vent Fitness Challenge T-shirt
AND your chance to win thousands in cash and prizes!

Weigh-ins are March 8th thru the 11th and you need to make an appointment. This challenge before was the catalyst to a healthier and happier me. This time around with the group classes added in I think it will be even better and to be honest it's cheaper now. Join me in accepting the challenge and I'll see you at Vent Fitness. I'll post my details after my weigh in.