I admittedly fight new technology like a old man refusing to figure out the clock on his VCR(see I still talk about VCR's). I was late to Myspace, Facebook and now have finally given in and signed up for Twitter. I have no idea what I'm doing yet so be patient. So far all I know how to do is follow people and make tweets. I decided to go with @THEjefflevack as my name, let me tell you why. My friends mock me each and every time someone asks "Are you THE Jeff Levack?". I am well aware that it's just the easy way to ask "Are you the other guy on the Sean and Richie Show on GNA?". I will also admit it still feels good to be recognized. So if it sounds like I'm full of myself so be it. lol

Scott Blaine was one of the first to welcome me and he asked which is better Twitter or Facebook? I also want to know because if no one cares I don't want to waste my time. So go answer Scott's poll please and if you enjoy my nonsense look me up on Twitter...or don't your call. lol